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Selecting the right EHR vendor is critical to the overall success of your implementation and achieving your goals for improving quality of care. There are a number of vendors who have products with similar features and functions, are CCHIT certified (Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology), and offer implementation and support services. For a list of certified EHR vendors visit Your challenge is to select the product that fits best in your practice.

How do you decide which vendor is best?

During your selection process, evaluate vendors based on three criteria: product, service, and corporate culture. You should approach this process as selecting the right long-term partner, rather than selecting a product.

The products will evolve over time, each new version will provide new features and more robust functionality, and the ‘look and feel’ of the screens will change. The services provided by the vendor during the implementation will vary, and the on-going support services after you are ‘live’ on the EHR may vary as well. Finally, you will want a partner who has a culture and vision for the future that is aligned with yours. The best vendor for your organization should be able to support your goals and objectives, and truly be considered as a partner in providing good care for your patients.

There are 4 lessons for this phase of the roadmap:

  • Introduction to Vendor Selection
  • Contracting and Negotiations
  • Technology Applications
  • Return on Investment (ROI)

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Assessment Tools

[+] Contracting and Negotiations

[+] Contracting Guidelines with EHR Vendors

[+] 2006 EHR Suggested Characteristics

[+] Request For Proposal sample

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