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EHR Adoption Tools

The processes involved in adopting an electronic health records system can be daunting. To help make the process easier, we've put together the following list of downloadable tools, organized by the steps in the EHR Adoption Path.


Size: 156kb Download Now

Computer Skills Evaluation and Assessment

Description: The Computer Skills Evaluation and Assessment helps practices plan for training needed to make staff comfortable with technology.

Size: 128kb Download Now

Readiness Assessment Questions

Description: These Readiness Assessment Questions assess the readiness of the practice to adopt electronic health records.

Size: 219kb Download Now

Project Charter Sample

Description: This is a complete sample project charter that a practice could use in developing their own project charter.

Size: 556kb Download Now

EHR Readiness Assessment

Description: Defines the stages of readiness. The stages are represented by a red light for Not Prepared, and a green light represents Highly Prepared.


Size: 152kb Download Now

Communication Plan Template

Description: The Communications Plan describes the information that must be disseminated to all project stakeholders, to keep them regularly informed of the project's progress.

Size: 170kb Download Now

Sample Communication Plan


Size: 147kb Download Now

Sample Project Plan

Description: This is a complete sample project plan for EHR adoption.

Size: 1.0MB Download Now

The Role of Project Management in Your EHR Implementation

Description: Broad powerpoint presentation providing an overview of project management in EHR adoption.

Size: 168kb Download Now

Scanning and Preloading Worksheet

Description: The Scanning and Preloading Worksheet helps the practice identify which documents or information they want to have available and in what format in their electronic health record.

Culture Change

Size: 219kb Download Now

Sample Project Charter

Description: This is a complete sample project charter.

Vendor Selection

Size: 450kb Download Now

Contracting and Negotiations

Description: Presentation overview of Contracting and Negotiations.

Size: 287kb Download Now

Contracting Guidelines with EHR Vendors


Size: 157kb Download Now

2006 EHR Suggested Characteristics


Size: 281kb Download Now

Sample Request for Proposal (RFP)

Description: A complete Request for Proposal sample document.

Operational Redesign

Size: 4.5Mb Download Now

A Systems Approach to Operational Redesign

Description: Provides a user-friendly guide to assist you in examining your current office processes, look at areas for improvement or change based on the transition from paper to computer, and to implement these changes in your office.

Size: 939kb Download Now

Assessing Your Practice - The Dartmouth Green Book

Description: This workbook is a “map” that can be customized to local context and needs in order to support practice evaluation and improvement, Identification of “broken” processes, wastes and delays, and deeper knowledge of patients and people can improve patient care,outcomes and staff work life.

Size: 582kb Download Now

Micropractice Office Layout

Description: Describes an idealized design for a physician practice layout to successfully adopt EHR.


Size: 149kb Download Now

EHR Implementation Checklist

Description: A check-list that lists the steps to EHR "go-live".

Size: 330kb Download Now

Practice Workplan

Description: A step-by-step workplan for implementing an EHR.


Size: 194kb Download Now

Post EHR Evaluation

Description: The Post EHR Evaluation will help provide insight into those areas of implementation that succeeded and those that still need addressing.